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National Volunteer Program

NVP is the national volunteering platform of Nepal that inspires Nepali youths to volunteer for their country. Through NVP, Nepali youths are inspired, enrolled, trained and engaged in various relief, rehabilitation, reconstruction efforts during the times of disaster. The National Volunteers lead sustainable development efforts to help prevent the occurrence of such disasters in the future.

One day program here in chitwan let the participant know about the National Volunteer Program and its mission and vision. We come to know about the our role and responsibility being as a NVP. This program is about to make ready for the nation for any sort of natural disaster and act as quick response team for the any sort of social cause.


Coordinate TLC[Temporary Learning Center] for Earthquake 2015 damaged school/college

I am very excited and proud to coordinate the TLC for Earthquake damaged school/college. I got a great team to work together for construction of TLC. The volunteer are very supportive and dedicated towards work.

With limited resources and time this is what we came up with; TLC (Temporary Learning Center) at Baswang, Chitwan. It took us nearly 28 hours (Day 1- Six Volunteers, Day 2&3- Nine Volunteers) to complete the construction (Design life: minimum 3 months).

Had never seen this part of Chitwan. Difficult roads and even more challenging life style. Transporting construction materials such as UPVC sheet, MS pipe, and other steel structures and heavy construction tools was like impossible for us. But also we didn’t give up.

We used Tarp as roofing material, Bamboo pillars and walls with tarp finish (all locally available materials). We built two rooms of size (14’*16’ each). Pillar has a 1.5’ stone footing, bamboos are knotted tightly with MS wire and nails and interlocked (wave form), Roof tarp is anchored properly and side walls has a tarp covering. Tentative cost of construction was around 8 to 10 thousands (including construction tools & materials and excluding labor cost).

It is just a beginning. We will try to reach more places. Please provide us your free time so that we could construct more TLC. You can even contribute with construction materials or some learning materials for school and students.



Open Data Day 2015 celebration in Chitwan

Nepal celebrated its first ever Open Data Day – Chitwan on February 21 at Bharatpur Height, Chitwan.

Open Data Day – Chitwan revolved around three main themes: Open Philosophy, Open Mapping (OpenStreetMap) and Open Data. The Open Philosophy session informed and inspired visitors to think and act open through videos, presentations and showcases. This session aspired to ignite discussions and foster understanding of open philosophy, and generate contributions to the open community. Open Mapping sessions delivered demonstrations on using and creating your-own-map using OpenStreetMap (a free wiki map of the world.) It also showcased a keynote session on highlighting different innovative projects and activities based on OpenStreetMap – and the underlying Open Data – that are being carried out in Chitwan and the rest of the country. During the Open Data session different NGOs, CSOs, private organizations and government bodies furnished data which were processed and visualized – extracting meaningful information out of them – and demonstrating the true power of data when they are open.
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Chitwan Mahotsav IT Seminar

One Day IT Seminar on “Innovative Nepali Technology”

Chitwan Mahotsav IT Seminar Chitwan Mahotsav IT Seminar Chitwan Mahotsav IT Seminar Chitwan Mahotsav IT Seminar Chitwan Mahotsav IT Seminar

Chitwan Mahotsav IT Seminar Chitwan Mahotsav IT Seminar Chitwan Mahotsav IT Seminar Chitwan Mahotsav IT Seminar

Chitwan Mahotsav IT Seminar

Exactly after two year successfully conducting IT seminar, again got change to conduct IT seminar in Chitwan Mahotsav 2017. Its really challenge to me to deliver the new test of Seminar in here in chitwan. After the seminar in 2069 i have developed lots of confidence over me. I think huge success of this program was initiated from the previous one.

I never like to sit on any seminar with lots of boring paper presentation and think other do as well. So to make seminar fruit full, interactive i added new test in Seminar by  giving change to top Nepali Innovative IT comapany that are growing faster have innovative idea and having good future. Continue Reading →


Clean Up Nepal – Chitwan

I always do feel we IT person could do more not only in IT sector also in differnt sector like environment, social service, awareness and many more. As part of clean the city i blindly deep drive in to the annual event of Clean Up Nepal on 20th September. Though iam IT person i like to make my contribution to different sector for society. In national clean up event, event was in major cities of Nepal and in the case of chitwan I got support from lots of volunteer from different institution and support from the local stackholder, we successfully conducted here in Chitwan also.

I feel proud to be part of leading this event with the help of our volunteer. This program not only make the city clean also deliver the message we need to keep our city clean and only together we can. I am very happy to work and spent my time on this types activities and i will continue my effort to make my city clean.

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Hello World! to Code Mission

One week for one college to rise student coding habits from Hello World to Code campaign.

I am  on mission of Hello World ! to Code all over the chitwan IT college including (Lumbini ICT and Oxford). So I have successfully conducted event in Birendra Multiple Camus Bharatpur Chitwan. Happy to see their interest and what they learn and made on one week. I am moving college to college to make student ready for the Hackathon. After this college tour we will setup the Hackathon date and call for the participation. In the Hackathon Student come up with their coding weapons to solve the different social, environment problem around us. So student need to be ready by today. Prepare themselves to fight the social problems.

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OCEM Seminar – 2013

In front of  the mass of  IT Student from Oxford glad to present on latest immersing cloud technology. All we use the cloud technology but very few know what exactly the cloud technology is all about. All we should know about cloud technology and its application in education,, business and other fields. As student from Oxford are technical student so they must know about this technology and start exploring to make market in the IT industries.

Around 80-100 student were there for the seminar with their hungry eyes. I feel they are really eager to learn the technology and want to get updated with latest technology. Hope that student are not anymore new with Cloud technology and after that they could search for career on it.

Thank you Oxford College for inviting me to share some IT knowledge and experience with IT student of Oxford college. In the coming future i am happy to present my experience  and knowledge with student form Oxfrod.

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AgroTech2013 Rampur Campus

A mega technical event is going to be held in AFU, Rampur Campus with the vision of giving the knowledge of different Technology useful for daily life and the Course curriculum. This event is going to be organize every year with the same vision.

Students, Administrators, Lecturers and Professors are requested for participation on this event to be updated with current technology. Mission of this event is not to make technical expertise but give overall IT application that can be very useful to make better implementation of IT in Agriculture.

Interested candidates are requested to register their name within 10th Shrawan.


  Papers Name Contact


Cloud Technology  Nabaraj PoudelDirectorSalyani Technologies (P) Ltd. 9841574304
Use of ICT in Agriculture Udaya Raj AdhikariProgram CoordinatorMission Institute of Technology 9855054736
WiKi how to?Email Management Sagar ChetriProgram AnalystSPARC Inc. 9802902767
Power of Mobile Manoz MahatoWeb Programer , Media ProfessionalWeb Soft Nepal 9845087093



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