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Open Data Day 2015 celebration in Chitwan

Nepal celebrated its first ever Open Data Day – Chitwan on February 21 at Bharatpur Height, Chitwan.

Open Data Day – Chitwan revolved around three main themes: Open Philosophy, Open Mapping (OpenStreetMap) and Open Data. The Open Philosophy session informed and inspired visitors to think and act open through videos, presentations and showcases. This session aspired to ignite discussions and foster understanding of open philosophy, and generate contributions to the open community. Open Mapping sessions delivered demonstrations on using and creating your-own-map using OpenStreetMap (a free wiki map of the world.) It also showcased a keynote session on highlighting different innovative projects and activities based on OpenStreetMap – and the underlying Open Data – that are being carried out in Chitwan and the rest of the country. During the Open Data session different NGOs, CSOs, private organizations and government bodies furnished data which were processed and visualized – extracting meaningful information out of them – and demonstrating the true power of data when they are open.
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