Clean Up Nepal – Chitwan

I always do feel we IT person could do more not only in IT sector also in differnt sector like environment, social service, awareness and many more. As part of clean the city i blindly deep drive in to the annual event of Clean Up Nepal on 20th September. Though iam IT person i like to make my contribution to different sector for society. In national clean up event, event was in major cities of Nepal and in the case of chitwan I got support from lots of volunteer from different institution and support from the local stackholder, we successfully conducted here in Chitwan also.

I feel proud to be part of leading this event with the help of our volunteer. This program not only make the city clean also deliver the message we need to keep our city clean and only together we can. I am very happy to work and spent my time on this types activities and i will continue my effort to make my city clean.

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