OCEM Seminar – 2013

In front of  the mass of  IT Student from Oxford glad to present on latest immersing cloud technology. All we use the cloud technology but very few know what exactly the cloud technology is all about. All we should know about cloud technology and its application in education,, business and other fields. As student from Oxford are technical student so they must know about this technology and start exploring to make market in the IT industries.

Around 80-100 student were there for the seminar with their hungry eyes. I feel they are really eager to learn the technology and want to get updated with latest technology. Hope that student are not anymore new with Cloud technology and after that they could search for career on it.

Thank you Oxford College for inviting me to share some IT knowledge and experience with IT student of Oxford college. In the coming future i am happy to present my experience  and knowledge with student form Oxfrod.

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