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Review of software company in chitwan.

  1. Salyani Technologies


Salyani Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading Companies for developing and deploying enterprise products on different sector. The Company was duly established in 2011 and working in the cutting edge technology to fulfill current market requirement.

Salyani Technologies has created a unique distributed structure, and steadily continues to expand its software development activities. We employ highly qualified and skilled Software Engineers with in-depth understanding of current technology.

In view of the quality and wide range of services as well as the growing number of Clients we work with, Salyani Technologies stands out amongst numerous Software Companies. In this regard, we can assure you that we can provide you with the security and operational framework that your organization requires.

Major Service Areas

 Product Development Services

 Data Conversion Services

 Cloud Hosting and Computing

 Core Information Technology Solutions

 Website Development & Hosting

 Email Management

 Network Security

 Database Architecture and Administration

 Next Generation Information Technology Solutions

 Search Engine Marketing

 Search Engine Optimization

 Social Media Marketing

 Office Security Equipment Supplies

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