Coordinate TLC[Temporary Learning Center] for Earthquake 2015 damaged school/college

I am very excited and proud to coordinate the TLC for Earthquake damaged school/college. I got a great team to work together for construction of TLC. The volunteer are very supportive and dedicated towards work.

With limited resources and time this is what we came up with; TLC (Temporary Learning Center) at Baswang, Chitwan. It took us nearly 28 hours (Day 1- Six Volunteers, Day 2&3- Nine Volunteers) to complete the construction (Design life: minimum 3 months).

Had never seen this part of Chitwan. Difficult roads and even more challenging life style. Transporting construction materials such as UPVC sheet, MS pipe, and other steel structures and heavy construction tools was like impossible for us. But also we didn’t give up.

We used Tarp as roofing material, Bamboo pillars and walls with tarp finish (all locally available materials). We built two rooms of size (14’*16’ each). Pillar has a 1.5’ stone footing, bamboos are knotted tightly with MS wire and nails and interlocked (wave form), Roof tarp is anchored properly and side walls has a tarp covering. Tentative cost of construction was around 8 to 10 thousands (including construction tools & materials and excluding labor cost).

It is just a beginning. We will try to reach more places. Please provide us your free time so that we could construct more TLC. You can even contribute with construction materials or some learning materials for school and students.


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